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Selection of New Cosmetic Packaging Materials

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-24-2024      Origin: Site

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Nowadays, people pay more attention to health and the environment, and the cosmetics industry is actively looking for new packaging materials to meet the needs of consumers. This is because the traditional plastic packaging materials have some defects that can not be ignored, such as pollution to the environment and potential health risks, so the new cosmetic packaging materials have become an urgent demand of the industry.

Although packaging design is not the essential demand of consumers, consumers first contact with cosmetics when buying cosmetics, and their perception of packaging changes is often more obvious than the change of content. Excellent packaging design, often can let consumers feel the unique brand culture, product characteristics and aesthetic orientation, boost the promotion of product sales. Therefore, the choice of cosmetic packaging materials also has an important impact on the product image and sales effect. At present, the traditional plastic packaging materials mainly use polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS), etc. These materials have the advantages of low price, easy to use, but there are also a series of problems. Traditional plastic packaging materials will produce a lot of garbage, cause pollution to the environment; some plastic packaging materials may have harmful substances, pose a potential threat to human health. Therefore, the development of new cosmetic packaging materials has become a necessary task.

The emergence of alternatives can effectively solve the problems existing in traditional plastic packaging materials. The following are the current more extensive research of new cosmetic packaging materials.

1. Biodegradable materials

Biodegradable materials are a new material with great attention in recent years. The material is made mainly of natural or biodegradable polymers, capable of rapid decomposition in a natural environment. Compared with traditional plastic packaging materials, biodegradable materials have less impact on the environment and have better ecological properties. At present, some biodegradable materials have begun to be applied in the field of cosmetic packaging materials, such as biodegradable plastic packaging bags and paper packaging boxes.

2. Recyclable material

Recyclable materials refer to materials that can be processed and utilized through appropriate technical means. This material can reduce the resource consumption and reduce the environmental load. At present, some recyclable materials have begun to be used in the field of cosmetic packaging, such as recyclable plastic bottles and glass bottles. The application of recyclable materials promotes the implementation of the concept of sustainable development and improves consumer recognition of cosmetics brands.

3.Synthetic material

In addition to biodegradable materials and recyclable materials, some new synthetic materials are also beginning to be used in cosmetic packaging. These materials usually have certain special functions, such as transparency, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Through continuous research and development and innovation, synthetic materials are expected to replace some of the traditional plastic packaging materials, improve the packaging quality and use experience.


With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the development and research of cosmetic packaging materials have become more and more important. The research and development direction of new cosmetics packaging materials mainly includes biodegradable materials, recyclable materials and synthetic materials, etc. In the future, breakthroughs in innovative technologies, emphasis on sustainable development and strengthening cooperation in multiple fields will be key to the development of this field. Through joint efforts, we have reason to believe that the future of cosmetics packaging materials will be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, to provide consumers with a better product experience.

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