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Rose Pack is a manufacturing company that specializes in creating revolutionary products in the cosmetic and skin care and accessories industries. Our new private mold and customization manufacturing program can apply our experience and expertise to manufacturing, designing, marketing and distributing for top brands worldwide. Rose Pack and its Product Development team can create formulas that meet your unique needs or you can select from our best-selling products (see product list). We offer a variety of package and logo designs for you to choose from. Once all are determined, we can assemble your final product and deliver a great completed result.


Have you ever thought that building your own brand can be fun, easy, affordable and completely stress-free? Rose Pack provides OEM and ODM service for all customers with reasonable quantity. Our operational manufacturing flexibility is able to handle projects large and small. We offer a wide range of solutions to make sure that our customer’s needs are handled with efficiency and with the highest attention to detail. We offer solutions from sourcing of ingredients all the way to final packaging components. Whatever the challenge is, we have the solutions.


 Silk/Screen Printing
Pressure Sensitive Labels
​​​​​​​ Spraying
​​​​​​​ Hot Stamping
  • Screen printing (or silk printing) is one of the most popular decorative options. This process involves starting with the preparation of the artwork, creating a positive (photo image of the artwork), burning the image onto a photosensitive designated wire mesh, and then pressing the ink across the screen using a pressing method, allowing only colors to be used where needed. Each color is individually applied using a new screen to provide a clear design. Screen printing inks typically require seven days of curing time to achieve maximum product resistance after printing:

    Advantages of silk/screen printing:
    • Working on glass, plastic, and metal substrates
    • Direct to surface printing
    • Conventional or UV curable inks
    • Textures can be applied to patterns or highlighted graphics
    • Can be decorated 360 degrees on the surface of the container
    • High speed production
    • Multi-color capabilities
    • Raised print that you can feel when you pass your fingers over the graphics
  • As a commonly used decorative solution, pressure sensitive (PS) labels have an adhesive on one side that is directly attached to the container. Because labels are pre printed, they have good resolution and color. The application of containers can be accomplished by using automatic online devices or using automatic rotary labeling machines. For smaller operations or situations where containers cannot be operated on automated equipment, use manual or semi-automatic equipment. To help ensure adhesion, the container can be pre ignited to improve adhesion quality.

    Advantages of pressure sensitive labels:
    • Direct surface applications
    • Helps create opacity to protect content from light, if necessary
    • Low minimum operating requirements
    • High speed production
    • Economy
  • Spraying, widely used in the cosmetics packaging industry, can create customized colors, designs, textures, or all on glass or plastic. As the name implies, in this process, the container is sprayed to achieve the desired effect - from a matted appearance, textured feel, a single custom color background for further design completion, or in any conceivable design combination with multiple colors, fades or gradients. Use as a background element – You can use silk screens or pressure sensitive labels on frost applications. Spraying provides an excellent option for customization - just tell the Pantone color number of the spray color.

    Advantages of spraying:
    • Allow various design solutions: frosting, cracking, gradient, fading, anti fading, fluorescence, high gloss, etc.
    • Available with anti slip texture options
    • The coating can be UV cured or conventional heat cured
    • Glass containers can be sprayed with organic or ceramic coatings
    • Plastic containers can be UV coated
  • Hot stamping is a special printing process that does not require ink. The so-called hot stamping refers to the process of stamping anodized aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate at a certain temperature and pressure. The images and texts printed with anodized hot stamping exhibit a strong metallic luster, with bright and eye-catching colors that never fade. Especially gold and silver anodized aluminum, with its magnificent and exquisite decoration, embellishes the surface of printed materials.

    Advantages of hot stamping:
    • Can be used for the vast majority of products, including plastic products and glass products.
    • There are various materials for gilding paper, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green, and so on
    • Surface decoration can increase the added value of the product
    • Give the product high anti-counterfeiting performance



Haven't found what you are looking for? Get in touch & our expert team will source packaging to suit your requirements.

The main purpose of pre-sales service is to assist customers in project planning and system demand analysis, so that our products can meet customers’ needs as possible as we can:

1) Assist business partner to successfully understand Rose Pack's services and products;

2) Demonstrate products for customers and business partners, actively understand customers' needs for products, and provide answering services for customers;

3) Prepare all kinds of products’ documents such as material documents, presentations and certifications;

4) Communicate with project developers and product purchaser to jointly determine product strengths and selling points;

5) Write project proposals and implementation plans according to the questions asked by customers;

6) Be responsible for the preparation of documents related to products.


We will be there for any questions regarding your packaging. We believe in providing exceptional customer service and are contactable via email, phone, or in person, 7 days a week.
Sample Production: lead time is around 10days, our sales will arrange the shipment once samples be done and share delivery status on time.
Mass production: delivery date be depended on products’ quantity and design complexity. Generally speaking, lead time is around 30days for mass production. If necessary, the execution situation of the contract should be fed back to the customer including change of product requirements, which need to be coordinated with relevant people and customers. Sales will keep eyes on the production process and timely tell customers update status, to ensure everything goes well and smoothly. (Business unit personnel should seriously enforce contracts, and understand the usage of company's products. Meanwhile, sending products to the customer designated locations timely, precisely and safely is necessary. Listening carefully and making records if needed.)
Transportation: Brush covers be wrapped by plastic bags and put in standard cartons, and bottles inside are carefully stand on the cross card board plate individually, qualified corrugate case wrapped up, avoid damage during transport as much as possible. Rose Pack support express courier, by sea, by air, by land multiple method of transportation. If you have no idea about the shipment, do not worry about that, Rose Pack also offer shipment service, we’d like to give the best shipping solution as your requirements.


1) Collecting customer feedback information and properly handling complaints from customers, so that we can obtain customers’ continued satisfaction.
2) Sales department personnel are responsible for registration of customers letter, calls and visit and customer input should be passed to the relevant departments in time.
3) Related departments personnel put forward opinions based on the information reflected problems. For significant product problems caused by quality, technical quality department personnel organize relevant departments to study and examine one by one, and processing opinion should be passed to the sales department in time. Finally, sales personnel reply to customers processing results.
4) Filling the ‘service record’ and filed by sales department personnel.


Rose Pack is located in a 30,000 sq-ft facility that operates under IOS, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Rose Pack is a professional enterprise which engaged in the intelligent solutions products (Cosmetic packaging, skin care packaging, perfume packaging and dispensers) producing, design and related products manufacturing. Our company's quality management system is strictly accordance with ISO9001 international standards to establish and run.

Rose Pack concentrates the world's top talent, not only has a well-trained project designer, and the sales team and management model, but also owns the professional intensive technical engineers and rich experience installation maintenance personnel. Rose Pack has perfect quality control file. Our factory QC department has five full-time quality control engineer; the number of quality assurance teams to participate in group product inspection staff is 10, monitor the quality of whole production of the company's products in all aspects; control the production process to ensure quality. We concentrated "professional, quality, service" integration, and form a set of strict quality management system, provide customers with comprehensive management consulting, artwork design, sample making, testing, operation and maintenance and other integrated services.


Our project management team is ready to ensure seamless execution.
At Rose Pack, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We are proud to supervise the packaging project from start to release. Below we outline the typical stages of product development. We understand each customer's unique considerations and will customize the solution according to your schedule and support needs.

Launch: Our team will work with you from the conception stage to evaluate the inventory and customized packaging options, so as to realize your vision, review the decoration options, engineering feasibility, expected delivery period and after-sales service.

Planning: Each project is unique, so we designate cross-functional team leaders, from regulatory experts to creative personnel to logistics managers, to finally determine the internal development process, and develop project plans according to your specific needs.

Implementation: We will simplify communication and cooperate with our trusted supplier network to realize your project, ensure to listen to your feedback and make appropriate adjustments according to your release date.

Progress report: Our sales team will provide status updates to ensure that the plan and scope are not affected. Transparency is crucial to us; Any potential obstacles will be immediately resolved, corrected and shared with customers.

Project launch and archiving: The final product has been completed and confirmed by the customer. At this stage, the internal review of the project profile is started; In addition, all reports/samples are archived for future reference.

Our engineering team is equipped with technical leaders to build relationships with our suppliers and maintain a strong focus on packaging innovation. Our goal is to successfully design, develop and deliver all projects. Regardless of the size of the project, we will be able to complete the task. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we look forward to providing successful business solutions for all customers.


Rose Pack is an ISO compliant company with our factories also being ISO approved and assessed to meet standards. This means you will not need to worry about your packaging being any different from what you ordered.
Our Company is in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, from product design, to manufacturing, comprehensive consideration, so that production becomes simple, efficient equipment in full compliance with technical requirements for our production.

When you start a project with Rose Pack, you can rest assured that we will keep our promise. As a large factory with more than ten years of production experience, we provide reliable and high-quality services for our customers, and continue to use new technologies and test services to enhance our quality assurance capabilities to meet customers and your needs. For us, it is important that our products can meet the requirements of market applications and complete their life cycle as expected.
From Raw Material to furnace, anneal, printing, coating to packing workshop, we control quality by each process.


ROSE PACK is not just a one-stop provider of full bottle and full container solutions. We are also logistics experts! Count on us to ship products to you or your filling company, quickly, reliably, and seamlessly.

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