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  • Roll-On Glass Bottles
    With Plastic cap, aluminum lid and bamboo lid, the empty glass container also can be called stainless steel roller ball cosmetic bottle.
  • Square Glass Cream Jars
    Different to traditional round design, this white porcelain jar is in square, convey fresh modern air. White porcelain shining under the spotlight, glittering and warm like jade, pure and stainless makes your product go into deep heart.
  • PET Cream Jars PET
    PET plastic jars are ideal for personal care products, cosmetics, lotions, creams, and other similar products.
  • Acrylic Airless Lotion Pump Bottle
    15ml Acrylic Airless Lotion Pump Bottle The acrylic material gives the product a high-level sense. The opening of the rotating bottle shoulder to expose the pump head is more convenient and sanitary. The inner and outer bottle of the vacuum bottle can be printed with different designs, making...
  • PCR Plastic Tubes
    This PCR plastic tube with flip top cap can be used for facial cleanser, sunscreen, lip essence, eye essence, hand cream, hair care products, or other cosmetic products.
  • Lotion Pump
    24/410 plastic pump is made for lotion bottle or dispensers and come in a variety of colors. All parts include nozzle, closure, pump body, spring and tube.
  • Disc Top Cap
    The basic function of caps and closures is to properly seal containers. With the right closure and liner combination, a package is resistant to breakage, leakage, shipping and storage issues.
  • Bamboo Plastic Lotion Bottles
    Bamboo Plastic Lotion Bottle is double wall with PET inner bottle and bamboo outer shell. Thickness of bamboo provides one more decoration option of engraving.
  • PET Foam Bottle
    60ml PET Foam Bottle This plastic foam cleansing bottle is made of recyclable PET material. The raised design of the bubble outlet can bring you a more pleasant experience. The white bottle with a transparent cover seems to illustrate the cleansing power of your cleansing product. The 60ml...
  • Acrylic Cream Jars
    30g acrylic cream jar includes acrylic jar, PP liner, plastic gasket and cap. This is our hot sale elegant cosmetic container, mainly used in the outer packaging of skin care cream, face cream, essence, hand cream and other cosmetic products.
  • Perfume Glass Bottles
    This Chubby Cylinder Glass Bottle is for Perfume Product, metalized spray applicator dispensing fine mist, gold or other metal over cap with plump glass make things gorgeous.
  • Amber Glass Jars
    This round shape classic amber glass jar is great choice for UV-Light sensitive product. Glass is stable for all formulations, amber could stop the harm to product from UV-Light.Multiple of Lid options make the product more personality.

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