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Irregularly Cosmetic Glass Set Bottle and Jar

This set has four glass bottles and two glass jars. These bottles are 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 120ml. And these jars are 20ml and 50ml. This set can use for eye cream, skin care lotion and so on. The 20 ml glass jar can be used to hold eye cream. The 50ml one can be used to hold skin cream and other cream. The glass bottles can be used to hold skin care lotion and other things. This set of glass products can be used for a complete skincare routine. So this product is convenient for buyers.
  • RP-B-01068/69/70/71,RP-J-00476/477

  • Rose Pack

Product Description


The glass set’s style is luxury. The color on the bottom of this product is transparent, which looks very popular. And there are a variety of colors to choose from. We provide customized service, such as logo and color.

Glass products have good barrier properties, which can block the erosion of contents by oxygen and other gases, and can prevent the volatilization of volatile liquids. These can be reused and is friendly to environment.

Item name

Luxury Cosmetic Glass Set


20ml 30ml 50ml 100ml 120ml


Glass Body










Within 35 Days After Payment


1. Good chemical stability: Silicate, the main component of glass bottles, has high chemical stability and water resistance, does not react easily with the contents, and can safely store various chemicals.

2. Good sealing: The glass bottle has a good seal and is not breathable, which helps to maintain the stability of the cosmetic product.

3. Reusability and recyclability: glass products can be sterilized and reused without losing quality due to increased use; At the same time, glass products can be recycled and reused, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.

4. Good preservation performance: glass bottles have good protection functions against air, moisture, material exchange, oxidation, etc., reducing material loss and product quality.

5. Strong adsorption: The walls on the inside of the glass bottle are smooth and resistant to bacterial growth, helping to maintain the safety and quality of chemicals.


Packing and Delivery

Because glass is fragile, Rose Pack will make adequate preparation, package multi-layer bubble film and flexible packaging to reduce all kinds of pressure in the process of transportation. Some bottles are also separated by cardboard to avoid damage caused by collision. Rose Pack support express courier, by sea, by air, by land multiple method of transportation.



Q1: How long is your lead time?
A1: Depends on product and design, in general 35 days will be a standard lead time.

Q2: How do you control the quality?
A2:We follow AQL standards. Pre-production and In-production also After-production three inspection procedures ensure the quality will compliance to the quality criteria.

Q3: Can you provide samples freely? How long I can receive the samples?
A3: We would like to provide sample for you to check the quality and samples shall be free, only the freight shall be on you.
Normally, if the samples are available in stock, they will be sent in two or three days after request received.

Q4: What’s your advantage?
A4: Quality is reliable; we are confidence to provide warranty from 12 months.
As a manufacture, we also work with partners to offer a one-stop service.
On-time response service, fulfill your requirement from anywhere anytime.

Q5: What’s your general term of payment?
A5: 50% with order confirmation, 50% before delivery.

Q6: What will you do if there is a problem with the product quality?
A6: Chance is little as we have strict quality control protocol. But if happened, we will solve the problem in time based on
responsible manner.

Q7: Whether to accept small orders?
A7: Depends on product, need to discuss case by case.

Q8: What process and printing can be done on the surface of the product?
A8: Depends on product, in general, frosted, coating, metalized, gradient, silk printing, hot stamping, water transfer printing,
hot transfer printing, engraving, label stickers etc.

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