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New Trends in Cosmetic Packages

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-05-2021      Origin: Site

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Advanced, Novel, Convenient, Environmental Friendly

As a fashionable consumer product, cosmetics require high-quality packaging materials to increase its value. Three materials, glass, plastic and metal, are currently the main cosmetic packaging container materials used. With the gradual application of packaging technology and digitalization, the current trend of cosmetic packaging is mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

1. Multi-layer plastic composite technology

The packaging industry has been committed to developing a product that can not only effectively protect the quality of cosmetics, but also meet the needs of luxurious and novel appearance. Nowadays, the emergence of multi-layer plastic composite technology can meet the above two requirements at the same time. It enables multiple layers of different types of plastics to be composited together and formed at one time. With the multi-layer molding technology, plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air on the one hand, and avoid oxidation of skin care products; on the other hand, by kneading different kinds of substances, it can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique feel in appearance. Multi-layer molding technology improves the flexibility of the hose. At present, the more popular skin care lotion packaging is tubes and glass bottles. A few decades ago, tubes were only packaging for low- and mid-range products, and now even the most famous brands have begun to use them. The tube packaging is economical and convenient, easy to carry, suitable for containing emulsion and glue.

2. Vacuum packaging to improve the grade

In order to protect the support products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins, vacuum packaging stands out. Although limited to a limited number of brands due to high cost, this kind of packaging still has many unique advantages. Such as strong protection, strong recovery, convenient use of high-viscosity skin care lotion, and with its high-tech advantages to upgrade the product level. The current popular vacuum packaging is composed of a cylindrical or round container and a piston placed in it. The disadvantage of piston or vacuum packaging is to increase the packaging volume, which is very disadvantageous in the highly competitive skin care product packaging market, because each brand wants to shape its own unique image through appearance and decoration. The hose system has emerged as it can be applied to various types of containers. The hose vacuum system is made of aluminum, and the pump features a push-down button, which is very airtight. This kind of packaging has been successfully applied to famous brands in one fell swoop. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight functionality, which is more important for less complex containers. Now it is common to install a distribution pump and a compression cap. The distribution pump system is very popular with consumers because of its convenience and soon won the favor of the market.

3. The capsule packaging is convenient for users

Cosmetic capsules refer to cosmetics whose contents are hermetically enclosed in various granular soft capsules. The capsule skin is softer, and its shapes are diverse, ranging from spherical, olive, heart, crescent, etc., both crystal clear and colorful pearlescent. The appearance is attractive, and the content of the capsule is more than 0.2. Between gram and 0.3 grams. In addition to skin care capsule products, there are also many types of cosmetic capsules for bath and hair. Cosmetic capsules fundamentally break through the traditional cosmetic packaging form of bottles, boxes, bags, and tubes that directly contain the contents, and thus have some special advantages. Cosmetic capsules mainly have the following characteristics: novel appearance and form, attractive and novel to consumers. In addition, different shapes can also express different themes, which can be unique gifts for relatives and friends. The packaging of cosmetic capsules is exquisite, and the contents are designed for one-time use. Consumers can use one capsule at a time, thus avoiding possible secondary pollution and ensuring that the products used by consumers are clean every time. Because there is no secondary pollution in cosmetic capsules, no or less preservatives are added to the product, which greatly improves the safety of the product. It is safe to carry and easy to use. It is also suitable for travel and field work when consumers use it at home. It is very convenient to pinch off the head of the capsule with your fingers.

4. Green packaging enters the agenda

Fresh-keeping packaging is a fashionable packaging trend developed in the past few years, which refers to small disposable packaging. In order to prevent the rich nutrients from rapidly deteriorating due to secondary pollution during use, they are filled in very small containers and used up at one time, like small glass bottles like royal jelly or small plastic containers like essence. Because of the high price of this kind of cosmetics, although it will not become the mainstream product in the market, it is a sign of the future fashion and luxurious lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group. At present, internationally, the selection of cosmetic packaging materials attaches great importance to environmental protection considerations, and the cosmetics produced by domestic enterprises are also developing in this direction. Packaging designers will not only consider the promotional and protective effects of packaging materials, but also consider whether these materials can be recycled easily and to the maximum extent possible. For example, if a bottle of lotion packaging bottle is composed of two materials, plastic and aluminum, they should be separated by simple operations for recycling. After the solid powder content is used up, you can buy a compact powder core to replace it so that the box can continue to be used. Although the packaging cartons covered with plastic film are clean and elegant, they cannot be recycled, so manufacturers using this material are considered by the public to be irresponsible for the human living environment.

As a professional packaging supplier, Rose Pack not only focuses on the development of environmentally friendly packaging, but is also committed to satisfying the various needs of customers for packaging. No matter what kind of packaging you need, you can contact us at any time.

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